German - Junior Courses

German for Junior Cert

This weekly class will provide students in their first year of certification the opportunity to develop skills in different areas required for the Junior Cert. This small group will allow each student to individualize. Attention, it also gives the tutor time to identify and address any weakness that a student may have.

The students learn:

  • – How to learn vocabulary
  • – How to structure the sentences.
  • – How to use the different times.
  • – How to develop skills for the audition / listening section of the exam.
  • – And use written phrases to get better grades
  • – How to revise the essential structures of vocabulary and grammar.

Students are often lost in large school classes, we always work with students, ensuring that each The student can use the language learned before moving on to the next topic.


Course Details
Start Date: September - June
Duration: All academic year