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Booking may be made online, by email or over the phone. All bookings must be confirmed in writing. A non-refundable deposit of €200 is required on booking for visiting international Students. A non-refundable deposit of 10% is required for all other Courses. The Language People reserve the right to refuse bookings.
Payment & Fees
The balance for each course must be paid to The Language People 30 days prior to arrival for international students. Payment of the balance for all other courses must be made on course commencement. The Language People reserve the right to impose a late payment fee thereafter. Any Bookings made less than 28 days before the course start date must be paid in full at the time of Booking. All prices on courses are liable to change and The Language People reserve the right to enforce changes on Prices. If there is any change in Price, Students/Customers will be notified prior to booking. Payment can be made by Bank Transfer, Card Payment, Cheque (Irish banks only). All payments must be made in Euro and Credit. All payments made to The Language People must reference the Students name. The Language People reserve the right to cancel any course if payment is not completed.
All Cancellations must be made in writing. Bookings may be cancelled up to 2 weeks before arrival/beginning of a course without penalty (other than non-refundable deposit). For cancellations received between 7 and 14 days before arrival/beginning of a course, 60% of the full amount will be refunded. For cancellations received between 1 and 7 days before arrival/beginning of a course, 30% of the full amount will be refunded. There is no refund for any cancellation once the course has started or for missing days during the course. This includes late arrival, early departures of international Students. Bookings are not transferable, i.e. they are specific to dates, courses and applicant. Students who temporarily leave their host family accommodation for one week or more during the course are charged a host family retention fee of €100 per week. At least one week’s notice is to be given. The Language People reserves the right to change the course without notice or change the dates, prices and conditions on all published material.
General Conditions
The Language People do not assume any liability for loss, delay or accident of any kind whatsoever which might occur due to fault or negligence of any company, hotel proprietor or any other persons engaged in carrying out the arrangements. We act as agents only for the transportation companies’ hotels and other principals and do not accept responsibility or liability for any variations in arrangements ordered. All Students will be responsible for their own property and The Language People will not be responsible for any loss/damage/theft of personal property during the students stay. All contracts are subject to Irish law. All operators working with The Language People will be deemed to have agreed to these conditions without variations once they have booked services and submitted the deposit.A fully completed Parental Consent Form is required for each student under 18 years of age. Students with Special Dietary or Medical Considerations are accepted solely at the discretion of The Language People.  In cases where a Medical Condition makes it impossible for a student to complete a course, and if this condition existed but was not mentioned at the time of the booking, The Language People refuse any liability and no refund will be given. All students are representing The Language People during their stay misdemeanour and unsociable behaviour of any kind will not be tolerated. The use of Alcohol, drugs and other illegal substances is forbidden and will result in the Student being asked to leave the school and immediate return home at expense of the Student/Family. The Language People are not liable for costs incurred in this instance and there will be no refund issued. Irish law states that no person under the age of 18 years of age may purchase or use alcohol and tobacco. Admittance to Public houses is not permitted for any student under the age of 18 years of age. The student is responsible for any damage or injury he/she may cause to buildings, furniture, fittings, individuals’ or accommodation property, etc., while attending The Language People.
Host Families
The Language People applies careful consideration when recruiting Host Families. All Host Families are Garda Vetted. In the event that a student needs to move from a host family it will be done after discussing the reasons & issues that arise with parents, hosts and students. Host families are located around the Dungarvan area and travel distance will vary from Host to Host. The Language People do not place students of the same nationality in the same host family. There may, however, be a student of another nationality in the host family. The Language People select each host family and conducts house visits before students are placed with them. The Student is expected to treat all members of the host family with respect and not engage in antisocial behaviour. Students are responsible for any damages they cause in the Host family’s home. Should problems arise The Language People will aim to resolve them in the best interest of the Student, The Host Family, Parents and The Language People. Special Requests (e.g. regarding diet, pets, children) must be made at the time of booking.  There will be an extra charge for Special Dietary Requests to be paid directly to the host family.
All students are strongly advised to take out full insurance (travel and medical) cover prior to coming to Ireland and EU nationals should bring medical form EHIC with them. The Language People will not be responsible for any costs arising due to medical care or repatriation.
Visas are not required of EU nationals. If you are coming from a non-EU country, you should apply to your nearest Irish Embassy for your student / visitor visa. We will send you a letter of acceptance for your course that you may submit to the Irish Embassy along with the relevant documentation. View visa information provided on this website.
Airport Transfers
Airport transfers are an extra service we provide, and price depends on number in the Group, time and location of pickup. For Prices on Airport transfers contact us directly.
Refund Policy
Course Fees are outlined on the Fee Schedule. The Deposit for each course is €200. Course Fees must be paid in full 30 days before the commencement date of the course. Except where stated, all Course Fees are non-refundable. No refund will be made to students who fail to attend classes or do not finish the course.

Please note that The Language People reserves the right to cancel or re-schedule any course at any time. In the unlikely event of cancellation your deposit/fees will be refunded. The Language People also reserves the right to re-schedule the start dates of all courses and if necessary, to vary the content. Except where expressly stated, all fees are non-refundable. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of the information on the website, it may be subject to later alteration or amendment in the light of policy changes, course updates or other constraints.