European Languages – Junior Courses


Oral Workshops
This one-day workshop gives leaving cert students the opportunity to practice their languages skill needed for the oral exam.
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French Summer Camps
Junior and Senior camps are structured around the junior and leaving cert exams, class time is focuses on revision, vocabulary building and developing student’s ability to write and understand texts. One full week gives students time to concentrate on the language, the afternoons are activity based, where students use the language doing fun and engaging activities, repetition of phrases develops students oral and aural skills. Students can opt to attend as a day student or as residential student. All secondary students from 1st year to incoming 6th year students are welcome.
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French for Kids
Especially for Kids - an introduction to French through games, songs and role play.
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French for Leaving Cert
For Leaving Cert students who may be struggling in a larger class or for students wishing to optimise their chance to achieve a higher grade.
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French for Transition Year
For students who want to develop language skills during Transition year.
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French for Junior Cert
Suitable for students wishing to improve their overall ability in using the French language for the specific purpose of achieving a higher grade.
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I loved the time here. The Guest family treated me like their own child and staying
with them feels like home. I’m sad that I have to leave but I will come back.

Claire Luisa, 17 yrs – Germany