French - Junior Courses

French for Junior Cert

Our French class for Junior Cert students helps to improve students’ overall ability in using the French language for the specific purpose of achieving a higher grade in the Junior Cert exam. We aim to reinforce the grammar and vocabulary needed for the Junior Cert exam using exam papers and materials centred all the topics which may appear in the exam, i.e. food, directions, personalities, appearance, etc. One-to-one tuition or small groups (maximum of 4 students per class) enable our tutor to provide students with a more personalised learning experience and allows for the tutor to focus on the individual needs of each student, optimising the individual’s grade for the Junior Cert exam. We also cater for students taking the optional oral Junior Cert exam as well as students who would like to take the French Junior Cert exam as an extra subject, in the case that the school they are attending does not accommodate this subject.

  • – How to learn vocabulary
  • – How to structure sentences
  • – How to use the different tenses
  • – How to develop skills for the aural/listening section of the exam and use phrases in writing to gain higher marks
  • – How to revise essential vocab and grammar structures


Course Details
Start Date: September - June
Duration: All academic year