Our aim is to make language learning an enjoyable experience. Our student-centred approach encourages learners to use the language from the very first lesson.

We are a group of enthusiastic language tutors, who offer a variety of language learning opportunities to younger and older learners.

We offer Spanish, Italian, French, German, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Irish, English and more. Our students have different reasons for learning a language; adults who enjoy travelling, need a language for work purposes, or for family reasons. Whether you a complete beginner or want to refresh and add to your language skills, we will find a suitable class for you. Morning and evening classes are available for adults, as well as 1 to 1 tuition.

Teenagers often need additional assistance with their language studies at school. We cater for students who are experiencing difficulties at school and for those who want extra practice for the oral exams to reach their potential. Secondary school students are taught on a 1 to1 basis or in groups of 2/3 students. Our qualified, experienced and native speaking tutors help each student succeed.

Primary school children learn in a natural way, using every day situations and games to learn words and develop excellent pronunciation. Vocabulary and phrases are introduced gradually – they constantly reinforce and reuse what they know, instead of giving lists of words to learn.

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Il nostro viaggio in Irlanda é stato indimenticabile! Il programma che ho scelto (four to one) mi ha permesso di imparare un sacco e anche di conoscere bene alcune persone con cui mi sono legata molto. Mi sono divertita un mondo!!! I had a lot of fun!!! Grazieeee…

Marta, 17 – Italy


La mia esperienza in Irlanda é stata molto bella ma avrei voluto fare piu´gite e piu´attivitá divertenti, anche in gruppo. Gli insegnanti comunque sono simpatici e la hostfamily molto ospitale.

Laura, 17 – Italy


I liked the trip to Ireland very much. There were some nice people and good activities and the host family treat me very well. I´m sad that we need to leave tomorrow and I hope that we all keep in touch and maybe see us again.

Maxi, 17 yrs – Germany