Spanish - Junior Courses

Spanish for Leaving Cert

Our Spanish tuition for Leaving Cert students provide support for students who may be struggling in a larger class or for students wishing to optimise their chance to achieve a higher grade in the Leaving Cert exam. Lessons are carefully planned and centred on the Leaving Cert curriculum and all the areas relevant to this exam, such as reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar and pronunciation. Students will develop confidence in using and speaking in Spanish, as Spanish will be spoken as much as possible throughout the year. The oral exam will be a major focus of the Spanish for Leaving Cert classes as students do not generally benefit from personalised conversational practice in a classroom environment.

Students will:

  • – Work in on a one-to-one basis or in groups of 2-4 students
  • – Are given individual attention
  • – Excellent notes
  • – Become familiar with all necessary grammatical structures
  • – Are provided with vocabulary and phrases which will help them to achieve higher marks
  • – Speak Spanish and continually practice the role-plays and topics covered in the exam


Course Details
Start Date: September - June
Duration: All academic year