Italian - Adult Courses

Italian for Beginners

Our Italian course for beginners is perfect for those who have had little or no previous experience in using the Italian language. This course provides students with the opportunity to grasp the vital basics of the language and to put these new skills to use in a practical and effective way. It covers all areas such as reading, writing, speaking, listening, grammar and pronunciation. In classes there is great emphasis on using the language as much as possible and students will be asked to do some written exercises based on the topics used in the class.

Classes focus on some of the following topics:

  • – Greetings
  • – Introducing yourself and others
  • – Speaking about yourself, i.e. name, job, nationality
  • – Speaking about your family
  • – Ordering meals
  • – Using public transport
  • – Coping in an emergency
  • – Italian culture


Course Details
Start Date: September, January and April
Duration: 1 hour a week for 10 weeks
Price: €130