French - Summer Camps

French Summer Camps

Junior and Senior camps are structured around the junior and leaving cert exams, class time is focused on revision, vocabulary building and developing student’s ability to write and understand texts. One full week gives students time to concentrate on the language, the afternoons are activity based, where students use the language doing fun and engaging activities, repetition of phrases develops students oral and aural skills. Students can opt to attend as a day student or as a residential student. All secondary students from 1st year to incoming 6th year students are welcome.

  • 1-week full language immersion.
  • Revise and build on grammar knowledge
  • Develop speaking skills in by constantly using the language
  • Learn expressions and phrases to develop fluency

Sample Time Table

  • – Classes: 9.30am to 1pm / Monday to Friday
  • – Lunchtime: 1 pm to 1.45pm
  • – 1.45pm to 4.30pm: Activities all through the target language
  • – 4.30pm Day students go home, residential students return to their residence

Residents only: 6pm Dinner (enjoy cooking and eating French food with native speaking staff) 7.30pm to 9.30pm Evening actives all through the target language (quiz, movies, board games, talent show).


Course Details
Start Date: 13th - 17th of June, 20th - 24th of June & 8th - 12th of August
Duration: Monday- Friday; 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
Price: €175